In the world

Hans Sundgren has visited the following countries for work, sport or holiday.

Sweden Work Sport Holiday
Finland Work 2018 Sport
2014 Sport
2010 Sport
2006 Sport
Germany 2018 Work 2018 Sport
1997 Sport
Hungary Work 1998 Sport Holiday
Slovakia Work Sport  
Austria Work   Holiday
France Work   Holiday
Great Britain Work   Holiday
Italy Work   Holiday
Netherlands Work   Holiday
Poland Work    
Romania Work    
Russia Work    
Bulgaria   2006 Sport  
Croatia   2010 Sport  
Czech republic   2004 Sport  
Serbia   2012 Sport  
Slovakia   2002 Sport  
Denmark   2016 Sport Holiday
Norway   2015 Sport Holiday
Belgium     Holiday
Greece     Holiday
Iceland     Holiday
Luxembourg     Holiday
Portugal     Holiday
Spain     Holiday
Switzerland     Holiday
Middle east
Lebanon 1997 Work
1998 Work
India 2018 Work    
Indonesia 1997 Work
1998 Work
Sri Lanka Work    
China   2000 Sport  
Kazakhstan   2014 Sport  
South Korea   2008 Sport  
South America
Colombia Work