Radio-orienteering WC, Serbia 2012

In September 2012 a team of 11 Swedish radio-orienteers go to Serbia, to participate in the 16th World Championships in ARDF.

Hans Sundgren 55 years old, travels and stays with Bengt Evertsson 45 years old.

The runners from Västerås: Rolf Svensson SM5DIY, Jan Palmquist SM5FUG, Bo Lenander SM5CJW and Hans Sundgren SM5SVM. [Photo: Bernd Hofner DL1AQ, edited by Hans]


The ARDF World Championships 2012 is held in Kapaonik in Serbia.

  • September 10: Arrivals and registrations
  • September 11: Training on both bands, opening ceremony.
  • September 12: Competition 144 MHz for M50 and awarding ceremony.
  • September 13: Competition 3.5 MHz and awarding ceremony.
  • September 14: Competition 3.5 MHz for M50 and awarding ceremony, party.
  • September 15: Departure.

Some Swedish runner also participated in the World Cup before the main events and a Foxoring event September 15.

2011: Advertising leaflet

2012-09-12: ARDF Bulletin 1

2012-09-12: ARDF Bulletin 2

2012-09-12: ARDF Bulletin 3

The Swedish Team

The Swedish team consists of runners from Stockholm and Västerås; one M21, three M40, two M50, three M60 and two M70.

In addition the chairman of the jury is Swedish and Sweden has one international referee.

Arriving at Belgrade airport

Bengt Evertsson and Hans Sundgren travel together starting from Västerås Monday September 10, at 10.00. After leaving the car at Benstocken long time parking at Arlanda they enter the Air Berlin flight towards Belgrade, via Vienna.

Boarding card in A4 format received as PDF by email beforehand.
2012-09-10 Monday: Västerås to Belgrade
Time Travel
10:00‑10:15 Car from Västerås to Stockholm Arlanda, Benstocken long time parking.
10:30 Bus from Benstocken long time parking to terminal 2.
13:55‑16:05 Airplane from Arlanda (ARN) to Vienna (VIE), with flight HG8491 (NIKI).
17:55‑19:00 Airplane from Vienna (VIE) to Belgrade (BEG) terminal 2, with flight HG8030 (NIKI).

They arrive to Nikola Tesla Airport 19.00 but have to wait until 24.00 before the transfer mini-bus starts the trip to Kopaonik. [Photo: Marc Van Britsom ON4FOX]

Travel ticket.

Boarding pass Stockholm to Belgrade.

Stamp in the passport

Nowadays it is rare to get a stamp in the passport when entering a country in Europe. But today Hans get one stamp when entering Serbia.

Hans's passport expiring 2017-07-16.

Minibus to Kopaonik

At midnight the transfer mini-bus starts the trip to Kopaonik that is located 290 km south of Belgrade.

They arrive to the venue Tuesday morning at 05.00 and get access to the hotel room at 06.15. At this time the personnel is already preparing the breakfast. Hans and Bengt are tired after 20 hours travelling time and go to sleep for a few hours, before the testing the equipment.

2012-09-11 Tuesday: Belgrade to Kapaonik
Time Travel
00:00‑05:00 Minibus from Belgrade (BEG) terminal 2 to Kapaonik, hotel Angella.
Hans and Bengt at the hotel reception in the morning. | The hotel registration form for foreignersfilled in at arrival.

The venue

The ski resort consist of several hotels.

Hans in front of Hotel Angella.

The hotel room

Hans and Bengt stay in an annex to the Hotel Angella. The room has one bed and one bed-sofa.

Bengt in the hotel room, testing his 144 MHz receiver. | Room card.
The annex seen from the inner garden and the room window facing south.

Serbia and Kosovo

The hotel cluster is located just below the mountain facing Kosovo to the south. In the end of the week Hans and Bengt takes the ski lift up to the mounting and inspect the military site on the top.

Fenced military site with sight into Kosovo.

Testing the equipment

After just some few hours sleep, it is time to test the equipment. There are 3 test transmitters on both 3.5 and 144 MHz. The training area is close to the hotel.

One of the test transmitters and a building nearby.
Ukraina and Sweden are comparing their equiment.

Bus to the competition

Hans in the bus taking him to the first competition day.

Collection of receivers

After arriving to the competition arena in the forest, all receivers are collected before the first starting group.

The receivers are place in a tent in nation alphabeticla order.
After leaving the receivers, the only thing to do is to wait for the start.

Competition 144 MHz


Map with posts.

Competition Sprint 3,5 MHz


Map with posts.

Competition 3,5 MHz


Map with posts.

Lift up to Xxxx

Bengt and Hans have some spare time before the bus arrives for transfer to the airport. They discover that the lift is open and, as the only tourists, they buy a ticket.

View from the lift.

Top station height 2017 m

Hans and Bengt spend some time on the top and investigate craters and monuments.

Monument at the top. | Ticket for the lift.

Bus back to Belgrade airport

Bengt and Hans starts the journey back to Sweden Saturday morning by bus.

2012-09-16 Sunday: Kapaonik to Belgrade airport
Time Travel
Morning Bus from Kapaonik to Belgrade airport terminal 2.
View from the bus, approaching Belgrade.

Belgrade to Arlanda

The flight back to Sweden goes directly to Arlanda. From there they pick up the car at Benstocken and arrive to Västerås late Monday morning.

2012-09-16 Sunday: Belgrade to Västerås
Time Travel
20:35‑23:10 Airplane from Belgrade (BEG) to Alanda (ARL) terminal 5, with flight DY4342 (Norwegian).
Midnight Bus from Terminal 5 to Benstocken long time parking.
Midnight Car from Benstocken long time parking to Västerås.
Ticket for entry the long time parking Benstocken, and money receipt.

Welcome package

The welcome package for the world championships is handed out after some days and consists of:

  • Bag
  • T-shirt
  • Tourst map of Serbia
  • Tourst map of Serbia
  • Tee cup
Hans' receipt when paying for him and Bengt. Cost for accomodation and competitions: 360 Euro and for bus transfer to and from Belgrade airport: 45 Euro.

Certificate of participation

The runners receive their certificates after the competitions is over. Bengt also receives a silver medal.

Bengt's silver medal for second place 3,5 MHz, M40.


The Serbian currency is Serbian dinar (RSD). Hans gets some from an ATM.

Hans makes an ATM withdrawal at the airport. The slogan on the ATM receipt is a friendly remark: "THANK YOU FOR USING THE ATMS OF ALPHA BANK. TOGETHER WE HAVE A GREAT FUTURE."

Photo information


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Canon Power Shot S100

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