Radio-orienteering Nordic Championships, Finland 2018

In August 2018 a group of radio-orienteering runners from Västerås goes to Finland to participate in the Nordic Championships in ARDF.

The group consists of Hans Sundgren 61, Jan Palmquist 62, Göran Pettersson 64, Christer Eriksson 65, Peter Ljungström 67, Bo Lenander 72, Rolf Svensson 72 and Leif Zettervall 77.


The Open Nordic ARDF Championships 2018 is held in Raasepori in Finland. The competition center is the Sports Institute Kisakeskus, 100 km west of Helsinki in Finland.

  • August 3: Sprint 3.5 MHz
  • August 4: Classic 144 MHz
  • August 5: Classic 3.5 MHz

The competitions are organized by Keijo Lehtosaari, OH2ETM and the Finnish Amateur Radio Society SRAL together with local radio clubs.

GPX file | Garmin data

2017-08-17: ARDF Bulletin 1

2018-07-19: ARDF Bulletin 2

ARDF Program

Departure from Västerås

Friday morning, Hans starts from Rönnby early in the morning to pick up Jan and Leif.

The rest of the Västerås team went by boat to Åbo the evening before.

Jan is picked up at 05:55.
Leif is picked up at 06:05.

GPX file | Garmin data

At Bromma airport

After parking the car the team have to walk some 200 meters to the terminal.

The parking is pre-booked and paid.
Parking map.

Parking instruction

GPX file | Garmin data

Embarking the airplane

The airplane OH-ATI is a twin-engine turboprop with only one entrance at the back. The plane is operated by Norra, Nordic Regional Airlines and is of type ATR 72-500 from the French/Italian joint venture company Aerei da Trasporto Regionale or Avions de transport régional.

The safety card.
The ticket was bought 2018-06-25 for SEK 1161.

Boarding pass AY7084

Flight to Helsinki

There are only 14 passangers on the plane, and they are served by two flight attendantes serving blueberry juice.

Passing Stäket and Kungsängen.
Landing instructions.

GPX file | Garmin data

Picking up rented car

Jan has booked a large Avis car because Henrik Lindell joined the team in Helsinki.

The car is a Skoda Ocatavia.
On the way to the competition center, the team stops at Burger King in Espoo for a quick lunch.

GPX file | Garmin data

The house

The team gets cabin number 5 that is located at the end of the road with a view over the lake.

Leif and Jan has separate rooms and Hans sleeps in the living room.

Punching device

The competitions use the Emit system. Each runner gets a badge and 3 yellow backup-cards, one for each competition.

The ticket with intermediate times, received at the finish.

Sprint competition

Hans starts in the first start group at 16:00. The film is made by the organizer Keijo Lehtosaari and shows Hans path through the terrain, visiting 12 posts.

Each post transmits for 12 seconds that is shown in the animation by color coding.

Full size film

Evening bath in Kullanjärvi

After the competition, Hans and some other Swedish runners go down to the lake Kullanjärvi for a short swim.

GPX file | Garmin data

Warning for ducks

Friday evening the team goes to the village Fiskars for an evening meal. They are hindered by ducks blocking the road.

After the dinner they discover that there is a warning sign for ducks. Henrik and Leif take a photo of the sign.

After the dinner Hans buys some sandwiches and bear from the grocery store K-market in Fiskars. There is no time for a proper lunch on Saturday.


After the Saturday 144 MHz run, Jan and Hans spend 40 minutes in the house sauna. There is a nice view of the lake from the sauna.

Kisakeskus beach

Before dinner Hans goes to the Kisakeskus beach for a swim.

Evening dinner

Rolf and Bo takes photos during the Saturday evening dinner.

Awarding ceremony in the dark

After the dinner the awardin ceremony of Sprint and 144 MHz takes place on the top of a hill, overlooking the lake.

The category medalists in Hans' category M60 Sprint: Robert Petersson, Jan Palmquist and Øivind Solli.

A final swimming

After the Sunday 3,5 MHz run, some runners takes a final bath in the lake. The bathing place with jetty and sauna is located just below the house.

GPX file | Garmin data

Final awarding ceremony

Sunday afternoon the final awarding ceremony for 3,5 MHz takes place at the hill. Jon Sletvold Norway is Nordic Champion on 3.5 MHz with Thomas Kaiser on 2:nd place and Ingvar Ehrsson on 3:rd place.

The category medalists in Hans' category M60: Robert Petersson, Peter Ljungström and Christian Dons.

Boarding pass in 3 styles

Hans gets his boarding pass by checking in via iPhone. At the airport he gets another conventional boarding pass when producing the baggage tag in an automat. He then has 3 boarding passes.

The conventional boarding pass, printed at the airport and kept in Hans' shirt pocket.
The PDF boarding pass, available in Hans' email inbox.
The Wallet boarding pass stored in Hans' iPhone Wallet application.

Returning home

After leaving the rented car at Helsinki airport, the team embarks the airplane OH-ATN for travel back to Bromma.

Jan Palmquist drives the car. Henrik Lindell on passenger seat.
Leif and Jan enters first followed by Henrik.

Boarding pass AY7085

Helsinki to Stockholm Bromma

The flight AY7085 back from Helsinki to Stockholm takes 65 minutes.

The airplane passes close to the competition area at Fiskars.
Welcome speech from flight attendant before takeoff.
Passing Globen during final to Bromma airport.
Luggage tag.
Welcome to Stockholm Bromma airport.

Money and telephone

The telephone charges are low but the Euro is expensive.

The Euro is expensive at this time. Almost 11 SEK for one Euro.

Photo information


Hans Sundgren, with assistants.

Camera 1

Apple iPhone 6

Camera 2

Nikon Coolpix S9900

Camera 3

GoPro Hero5 Session