Radio-orienteering WC, Germany 1997

In September 2014 a team of 9 Swedish radio-orienteers goes to Germany, to participate in the 8th World Championships in ARDF. Hans Sundgren 40, is one member of the team.

The competition logotype.

The official program

The Swedish team attended the following program.

  • Arrivals and registrations.
  • Training on both bands, opening ceremony.
  • 144 MHz Competitions and awarding ceremony.
  • Free day, excursion to Passau.
  • 3.5 MHz Competitions and awarding ceremony, dinner and hamfest.
  • Departure of participants.
Part of the Swedish team before departure to the 144 MHz competition: Gunnar, Bo, Magnus, Hans, Bengt, Birgitta and Jan. Missing are PA and Leif.

Flight to München

Hans travels together with Leif and Jan by flight to München.

Hans gets the journey paid by the company. At the airport he hires a car and drives the 140 km to the competition area in Sankt Englmar, Bayern.

The Swedish team consists of 9 runners from Stockholm, Västerås and Örebro.

Category                Call sign
WOM  Birgitta Asklund   SM4OWY   Örebro

SEN  Bo Söderquist      -        Stockholm
SEN  Bengt Evertsson    SM4VMU	 Örebro
SEN  Magnus Holmberg    -        Örebro

OT   Gunnar Svensson    -        Stockholm
OT   Hans Sundgren      SM5SVM   Västerås
OT   Jan Palmquist      SM5FUG   Västerås

VET  PA Nordwaeger      SM0BGU   Stockholm
VET  Leif Zettervall    SM5EZM   Västerås
SEN = 20–39 years
OT  = 40–54 years
VET = 55–   years

Hans is 40 years old and thereby one of the youngest in his category 40-54 years.

Hans' number tag used during the championships.
Leif and Jan in front of the hotel.

The hotel

The 248 competition participants from 31 countries are housed in the Predigtstuhl Apart-Hotel in Sankt Englmar.

Hans in front of the hotel. [Photo: J Palmquist]
Leif and Hans on the balcony. [Photo: J Palmquist]
Label from the stay in Sankt Englmar.
Jan and Hans are testing their 144 MHz receivers in the village.

Testing the equipment


Leif and Jan in the forest close to the hotel.

Bavarian Forest [Bayerischer Wald]

The Bavarian Forest runs along the Czech border and is continued on the Czech side.

Hans in the forest. [Photo: J Palmquist]
Hans and Leif at the top of the ski slope. [Photo: J Palmquist]
View from the top of the nearby ski slope. Later Hans will climb to this top in order to hear the 144 MHz transmitters.
Xxxxx. [Photo: J Palmquist]



xxxx. [Photo: J Palmquist]
Waiting for opening ceremony. [Photo: J Palmquist]

Opening ceremony


The Swedish team lined up beside the Russian team. [Photo: J Palmquist]
Part of the result list.

Competition 144 MHz

This is Hans' first world championship competition and he lacks experience on how his new 144 MHz receiver behaves in international competitions.

At the start location he cannot hear any transmitter! So he runs up to the highest top and from there he can hear some transmitters very weak. It seems that the sensitivy of the receiver is not adequate.

In the end Hans manages to visit all 4 posts, but it takes too long time. The maximum time limit is 140 minutes and Hans finishes after 145 minutes. Therefore he doesn't get any position in the result list. In the category OT there are 18 other runners that also exceeds the time limit and 9 runners that cannot find any post.

The finishing area. [Photo: J Palmquist]
Hans' map with start and finish together with the 5 posts marked.
Hans' result card and certificate.
Hans after finishing the race on 3,5 MHz.

Competition 3,5 MHz

The earphone cable breaks and Hans has to use a spare one. Despite that he succeeds to visit all 4 posts and finishes 11 of 69 participants.

Hans' map with start and finish together with some pencil bearings.
Hans' result card and certificate.
P-A Nordwaeger and Leif Zettervall receives a silver medal in 3.5 MHz Team Veterans.
Leif Zettervall after finishing the race. [Photo: J Palmquist]

The friends

Hans travels with his friends from Västerås; Leif and Jan.

Jan Palmquist after finishing the race. [Photo: J Palmquist]
Hans with number tag from the championships, but running in Västerås.

Action photos

There are no action photos taken of Hans during the competitions. Instead, Leif and Hans takes some photos when back in Västerås.

Hans and Leif running with receiver for 144 MHz.
Hans' equipment used during the competition: 3.5 MHz receiver, compass and pen attached to finger.
Local paper article after the competitions.

Articles in local paper

The local paper has a small article before and after the competitions.

Local paper article before the competitions.
Introduction in the article.

Hans writes an article in Swedish

Part of the cost for Hans' travel is paid by the company in which he is employed. The deal is that he afterwards writes an article in the internal company magazine, in Swedish.

Article: VM med radiopejl och smarta kort

Photo information


Hans Sundgren and others.


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Hans Sundgren

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Jan Palmquist and others.


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