Radio-orienteering NC, Norge 2015

In August 2015 Hans 58, Jan Palmquist 59, Leif Zettervall 73, Bo Lenander 69, Peter Ljungström 64 and Rolf Svensson 69, go to Norge to participate in the Nordic Championships in ARDF.

ARDF Norway NC logothype

The official program

The Open Nordic ARDF Championships 2015 is held in Lillehammer, Norway. The event is organized by the Norwegian ARDF association RON (LA-ARDF) and Lillehammer amateur radio club. The Championship site is at Birkebeineren hotel at the Olympic Park.

  • August 07: Sprint 3.5 MHz
  • August 08: Classic 144 MHz
  • August 09: Classic 3.5 MHz

Västerås to Lillehammer by car

The distance to Lillehammer is 520 km.


GPX file | Garmin data

Sprint 3,5 MHz

2015-08-07: xxxx.



144 MHz

2015-08-08: xxxx.



3,5 MHz

2015-08-09: xxxx.



Electronic punching

Electronic punching system EMIT is used during the competition. This system has a paper card backup on the badges. When the badge is placed in the reader, small pins creates a coded pattern in the card, as a backup if the electronic system fails.

Hans' backup cards from the 3,5 and 144 MHz.

Foto: Hans Sundgren


Exchange rate when buying Norwegian kronor:

Coins: 1 kr, 5, kr 10 kr och 20 kr.

Köpkursen är 1.09 och säljkursen 10 dagar senare 0.98. De överblivna 500 norska kronor som Hans växlade tillbaka kostade alltså 55 kronor.



Hans tecknar tjänsten Suftpaket 500 MB från sin iPhone när han passerar Norska gränsen. Därmed kan han följa färden in i Norge med Google Maps och läsa mail i bilen.