Indonesia 1998

This is a photo album from the technical training Hans gave in Jakarta, Indonesia, January 1998.

Students and Hans in front of the training building in Jakarta.

Students of the first course

Class photo of the technical training course January 14-16, 1998 in Jakarta.

Hans with students on a more traditional class photo.
View from the class room. Students with course binders.
Students and Hans inside the training building in Jakarta.

Students of the second course

Class photo for the technical training course January 19-23, 1998 in Jakarta.

Hans with students on a playful class photo.
A student connection a mains plug.
The operation and maintenance station with a view of West Java with equipment overlay.



Students inspecting the terminal server connections.
Students in front of the operation and maintenance station.
View from Hans' room in the hotel.

The hotel

Hans stays in a high standard hotel.

Another view from the hotel.
The hotel pool in which Hans spend some time.
Classroom with local teacher Ferry Raviando in charge.

Lecture with local teacher

One of Hans' tasks is to support the local teacher conducting the training.

Lunch is delivered to the training building. Very convenient.
Ferry's sister, Ferry, Ferry's girl friend and Hans in a cafe in Jakarta.

Evening in Jakarta

One evening Ferry Raviando takes Hans to a cafe.

The boat departure from Jakarta harbour.

Weekend trip to an isolated island

Saturday morning Hans takes a boat that brings him to an isolated recreation island, for a short weekend holiday.

Passing fishing boats on the way to the island.
The cottage that Hans stayed in for the weekend.
The view from the cottage.

Island in the Java Sea

Hans sleeps in his cottage but eats dinner, breakfast and lunch in the restaurant on the island.

The island has one telecommunication mast with microwave links for communication.
A satellite dish for TV channels, although Hans has no TV in the cottage.
The small harbour where Hans rents a windsurfing board Sunday morning. Hans sails towards Java but is not able to return home to the island. Therefore, he is picked up by a motor boat towing him back.

Photo information


Hans Sundgren


Pentax Espio Mini


Negative 24×36 mm.


Hans Sundgren

Film scanner

Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED