Indonesia 1997

In July 1997, Hans Sundgren 40 years old, travels to Jakarta to conduct 2 technical training courses.

1:st course

The first class took the technical training July 9–16.

The students check the SCSI address of the DAT tape unit as part of the installation exercise.

2:nd course

The second class took the technical training July 18–25.

The instructor takes a photo of the students.
The students take a photo of the instructor.

Fault finding summary

The instructor summarizes the fault finding exercise on the complete radio base telephone system.

Video recording for local TV

A local TV team recorded the lecture.


Inpecting the antenna arrangement

The local teacher Ferry Raviando on top of the building inspecting the antenna arrangement.

The instructor on the roof top.

View of Jakarta

From the top of the building Hans gets an overview of the Jakarta area.

Jakarta seen from the roof top.

Lunch break

The students are queing up for a nice presented lunch, usually chicken and rice.

The main office


The driver

A driver picks up Hans at the hotel and drives him to the training center.

Traffic in Jakarta.

Going to Bandung

Hans is invited to a one-day seightseeing with guide and driver. They are going to Bandung to view the Tangkuban Perahu vulcano crater and Sari Ater hot springs.

From the left: Assistant guide Andri Yanto, main guide Agus Triwahyuningshi, driver Bujang and Hans.

Travelling from Jakarta to Bandung, with Hans in the back seat.
The driver Bujang has a very long nail and Hans cannot resist to compare hands.
Tea house break with the guides.

Tangkuban Perahu vulcano crater


The crater.
The assistant and main guide.

Sari Ater hot spring park

At the Sari Ater hot springs surrounded by school class visiting the springs.

Sari Ater is located 100 km south east of Jakarta.
The entrance and some of the springs.

The hotel

Hans eating room service Nasi Goreng on the balcony in the hotel.

The hotel room. Hans has a set of 4 juggling balls for exercise but he can only use 3 of them in a controlled manner.
The driver taking Hans from the hotel to the training center.

From the hotel to the training center

Every morning a driver waits for Hans at the hotel parking. The photo is taken from Hans hotel room.

At the end of the day the driver picks up Hans at the training center.
The trip from the hotel to the main office.

Attending a wedding ceremony

Hans is invited to participate in a Javanesian wedding couple ceremony.

The couple is "Nita & Wing", Selamat Bahagia!

Jakarta by night


A rat investigates the litter on the square.

Flight back to Sweden

At the Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta International Airport, waiting for the KLM flight to be ready for the flight home to Europe.

Photo details


Hans Sundgren


Pentax Espio Mini


Negative 24×36 mm


Hans Sundgren

Film scanner

Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED