Lebanon 1997

In August 1997 Hans Sundgren 40 years, goes to Lebanon as a technical teacher. His task is to conduct technical training of a radio-based telephone system, in Beirut and Jouaiya.

It will be 4 intensive days without any spare time.

Current map of Lebanon 1997. Image courtesy: Magellan.

4 days in Lebanon

Monday: Departure from Stockholm 12:00, arrival London 16:00, departure for Beirut 24:00.

Tuesday: Arrival Beirut 03:30. Sleep 2 hours in hotel 04:40–06:30. Course start at 08:00. Sleep 21:00.

Wednesday: Transport to Jouaiya in southern Lebanon 06:30. Conduct course the whole day. Overnight stay in Tyre.

Thursday: Conduct course the whole day. Car transport back to Beirut 20:00. Sleep 3 hours between 22:30–01:30.

Friday: Departure from Beirut 04:00 via London. Arrival Stockholm 11:00. Back in the office in the afternoon.

Class photo taken during lunch break at the top of the AXE exchange building in Jouaiya.

Training class

The training covers the installation of a radio-based DECT telephone system, enabling "fixed" telephone to subscribers without the need of cables from telephone exchange to the subscribers.

A student presents the result of the theoretical site planning exercise of the radio-based system.

Theory course in Beirut

After just 2 hours of sleep Hans conduct the theoretical part of the course.

Example of non-radio communication wiring in the streets of Beirut.
The teacher Hans with the village Jouaiya in the background.

Jouaya village

Jouaiya is located in the southern part of Lebanon, about 15 km from the Israel border. The village has no fixed line telephone network.

Now the people in the village have the possibility to get telephones at home, thanks to the radio-based telephony system.

Going by car from Beirut to Jouaiya.
The telephone exchange building in Jouaiya.
The radio antennas have been installed on the roof top.

Practical installation work

The students are programming the wireless subscriber units.
Mr. El Murr Jihad prepares the wall for the subscriber unit installation.
The trip back to Beirut follows the coast.

Another road back to Beirut

After staying overnight in Tyre, the trip back to Beirut follows the coast.

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Hans Sundgren


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Hans Sundgren

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