Radio-orienteering WC, Bulgaria 2006

In September 2006 a team of 11 Swedish radio-orienteers go to Bulgaria to participate in the 13th World Championships in ARDF.

The Swedish team: Bengt Evertsson M40, Göran Polhede M40, Michael Hallgren M40, Olle Nilsson M60, Håkan Melin M21, Leif Zettervall M50, PA Nordwaeger M50, Hans Sundgren M21, Gunnar Svensson M60, and Jan Palmquist M50. Gunnar Fagerberg M60 is missing on the photo.

The official program

The 13th World ARDF Championships is held in Primorsko, Bulgaria in September 2006.

Category adjustments

Only the 3 best runners in each category is permitted to start. The Swedish team is selected based upon 3 qualification races during the spring. Since there are too many runners in category M40 and M60 some ajustments are needed and Hans has to run in category M21, 21 years or older.

Normal category          Running category
----------------------   ----------------
M21   Håkan Melin        M21

M40   Bengt Evertsson    M40
M40   Michael Hallgren   M40
M40   Göran Polhede      M40
M40   Hans Sundgren      M21

M50   Jan Palmquist      M40

M60   Gunnar Svensson    M40
M60   Gunnar Fagerberg   M40
M60   Olle Nilsson       M40
M60   Leif Zettervall    M50
M60   PA Nordwaeger      M50