Radio-orienteering NC, Finland 2014

In July 2014 Hans 57, Jan Palmquist 58 and Leif Zettervall 72, goes to Finland to participate in the Nordic Championships in ARDF.

ARDF Finland NC logothype

The official program

The Open Nordic ARDF Championships 2014 is held in Finland with championship site at Eerikkilä Sports Institute in Tammela. The championships are organized by the Finnish Amateur Radio Society SRAL together with local radio clubs.

  • July 25: Sprint 3.5 MHz
  • July 26: Classic 3.5 MHz
  • July 27: Classic 144 MHz

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The journey

The team flies to Helsinki from where a rented car is used for the last 100 km, north-west of Helsinki.

Speed diagram of the travel.

Departure from Västerås

The team departed in Leif's car Friday morning at 05:30.

Long time parking at Benstocken was booked. The boarding passes was already printed thanks to electronic check-in from home computers the day before.

Waiting for the airport transfer bus at Benstocken long-time parking.

Foto: Hans Sundgren

Benstocken ticket
Finnair electronic ticket
Boarding pass departure
Boarding pass return

Rented car from Helsinki airport

Hans has rented a car beforehand. The car offered was an Golf TSI BlueMotion with automatic transmission instead of the manual transmission car ordered.

Only 248 km was driven during the 3 days.

Foto: Leif Zettervall

Car rental voucher
Car rental invoice
Petrol receipt

The competition center

Eerikkilä Sports Institute is an official training center for sports in Finland. Eerikkilä is located in the south of Finland, only one hour´s drive from the cities of Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

Foto: Hans Sundgren and photo in the restaurant

The apartment house

Hans, Jan and Leif stay in the house "Tammela" in a 4-bed room with wc and shower in the cooridoor, shared with the other runners from Västerås.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant in the morning and additional meal vouchers are purchased for lunch and dinner. The food is excellent.

Meal vouchers.

Foto: Hans Sundgren

Room reservation

Receipt for room, food and gala dinner

The competitions

The competitors walk from the ARDF center to the starting zone for Sprint race and for the 144 MHz race. The 3,5 MHz race is located 20 minutes car trip from the venue.

Competitors in the starting zone of the 144 MHz race.

Foto: Hans Sundgren

The races

Electronic punching is used during the Sprint race. Due to some problems traditional pin punching on paper card is later used on the following two races.

Bath and sauna

After each forest run it is nice to cool down in the lake Ruostejärvi.

Foto: Hans Sundgren

The medals

During the championships, gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded in each class, for example M50 where Hans participates. And since there are only 3-4 contesters in that class it is quite easy to obtain a medal.

Hans gets bronze medals in Sprint and 3,5 MHz, and a silver medal in 144 MHz.

Foto: Hans Sundgren

Utlands-telefoni och surf


Hans tecknar tjänsten 3Utland för 149 SEK kvällen innan avresa.

Tjänsten 3Utland innehåller 30 samtalsminuter, 30 st SMS och 100 MB data och gäller i sju dygn från att tjänsten är köpt.