Lebanon 1998

In May 1998 Hans Sundgren 41 years, goes to Lebanon as a technical teacher to conduct technical training in Beirut.

Hans as the instructor. He uses an overhead projector and a white board as presentation tools.


The course i only theoretical this time. In 1997 Hans conducted a both theoretical and practical installation course in Lebanon.

The students, some of the them with the Ericsson GH388, or similar mobile telephone. Hans has a large Philips Fizz, but gets a SH888 in 1999.
Group discussion.
Lunch break on a building roof in Beirut. Hans together with the manager.


Lunch is sent to the office and is consumed on the roof.

A glimps of the Mediterranean Sea.

Walking in Beirut

Hans takes a walk down the city center of Beirut.

Hans notices that broken glass on walls is used as a security protection for some residential buildings.
Some buildings in Beirut.

Photo details


Hans Sundgren


Konica Revio Z2 APS


Negative APS 16.7×30.2 mm


Hans Sundgren

Film scanner

Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED