Radio-orienteering WC, Czech Republic, 2004

In 2004 Hans (age 47), as a member of the Swedish radio-orienteering team, goes to Czech Republic to participate in the 11th World Championships in Brno.

The Swedish Team
ARDF WC 2004 logotype

The official program

The Swedish team consists of 11 members who attended the following program from Tuesday to Sunday.

: Arrivals and registrations
: Training on both bands, opening ceremony
: 144 MHz Competitions and awarding ceremony
: Park Czech Open, excursion
: 3.5 MHz Competitions and awarding ceremony, farewell party
: Departure of participants

Leif Zettervall attended the competitions but could not start due to back injury.

 The Swedish ARDF Team 2004
 Category  Name             City         Ranking
 H21       Håkan Melin      Stockholm   1
 H21       Mikael Hallgren  Eskilstuna  2
 H21       Bengt Evertsson  Lindesberg  3

 H40       Hans Sundgren    Västerås    1
 H40       Jan Palmquist    Västerås    2

 H50       Bo Lenander      Västerås    1
 H50       Gunnar Svensson  Stockholm   2
 H50       PA Nordwaeger    Stockholm   H60:4

 H60       Leif Zettervall  Västerås    1
 H60       Olle Nilsson     Stockholm   2
 H60       Clas Thorén      Stockholm   3

Bulletin 4

Hans in the finish corridor

The room

Masaryk University campus.

Map of Brno.
Hans in the finish corridor

The opening ceremony

The Swedish national team consists of:

  • Håkan Melin, M21
  • Mikael Hallgren, M21
  • Bengt Evertsson, M21
  • Hans Sundgren, M40
  • Jan Palmquist, M40
  • Bo Lenander, M50
  • Gunnar Svensson, M50
  • PA Nordwaeger, M50
  • Leif Zettervall, M60
  • Olle Nilsson, M60
  • Clas Thorén, M60
Hans in the finish corridor

144 MHz


The map of the area with start and finish marked.
Hans in the finish corridor. Identification number.
Clas Thorén in the finish corridor.
Hans in Shanghai

Excursion to cave

The Balcarka cave

Hans in the finish corridor Hans in the finish corridor

Radio station OK5FOX

Hans and Jan visits the special radio station OK5FOX. Hans gets the QSL card.

QSL card of OK5FOX, back side.
Hans in the finish corridor

3.5 MHz, finishing the race


Jan in the finish corridor Gunnar in the finish corridor

Photo: Bo Lenander

Photographer: Hans Sundgren, with assistants

Cameras: Nikon Coolpix S9900, GoPro Hero5 Session and Apple iPhone 6.


För samtliga foton gäller:
Fotograf: Hans Sundgren Kamera: Konica Revio Z2 APS