Web apps

This is a list of web applications designed by Hans.

Optisk signalering

Optical Morse code signalling is a web app written as a single HTML page with Javascript and CSS, with one additional "About" file.

The application simulates the type of signalling Hans performed during his service in the Swedish Navy. Some characteristics:

  • Send: Text entry with morse code translation.
  • Receive: Random characters, words, sentences are sent to be interpreted.
  • Flash: Manually operate the lamp and the characters will be interpreted by the app.
  • Lamp light: White, red or green.
  • Transmit speed: 5-17 words per minute.
  • Language: Swedish, English and Russian.
  • Views: Missile boat, destroyer, minelayer and signalman.
The signal lamp without filter for daylight, and with red and green color filter for signalling in the night.
Version 1.1 and 1.5.

Version history

Date Version Description
2021‑04‑02 2.0 Added functions for random sending of characters/word/sentences for reception practice. Added function for manual operation of lamp with interpretation of flashing. Responsive design for vertical/horisontal view on small screen devices.
2021‑02‑19 1.5 Added 3 more views; missile boat, destroyer and minelayer. Added English and Russian language.
2019‑04‑05 1.1 Adjusted length of dah and word space. Added text under "About". Removed high speed selections.
2018‑05‑02 1.0 First version for sending characters.

RASOR – Radio-orienteering simulator

Rasor 3.0 is a web app written as a single HTML page with Javascript, CSS and JSON. The application can run in 4 modes:

  • Demonstration: Foxes transmit in sequence.
  • Identify foxes: Listen to the transmission and click on the correct transmitter button.
  • Find foxes: Find the foxes using 2 bearings per fox.
  • Handheld: Use your smartphone as a receiver.

Radio-orienteering is also known as ARDF, Amateur Radio Direction Finding.

The simulator in mode Identify foxes.
Selections that can be made: Language, mode, number of foxes, and transmit interval.

Version history

Date Version Description
2016‑03‑27 Rasor 3.0 Added running time clock. Added text "Fox" with morse code.
2016‑03‑25 Rasor 3.0 First offical version. Resize of handheld canvas.
2016‑03‑06 Rasor 3.06 Added compass sensor for handheld devices.
2016‑02‑24 Rasor 3.06 Morse code via oscillator.
2016‑02‑20 Rasor 3.06 Morse code via sound file.
2016‑02‑24 First version

DCF77 Demonstrator

DCF Demonstrator demonstrates the radio signal interface of the transmitter used to set the time of radio-controlled clocks in Europe.

  • Signals shown: The binary bits sent over the radio frequency 77,5 kHz.
  • Parameters than can be set: All time parameters used in the DCF77 protocol. No weather data.

Version history

Date Version Description
2011‑02‑20 First test version Work in progress