Radio-orienteering NC, Sweden 2017

In July 2017 a group of radio-orienteering runners from Västerås go to Orsa to participate in the Nordic Championships in ARDF. The group consists of Hans Sundgren 60, Jan Palmquist 61, Göran Pettersson 63, Peter Ljungström 66, and Rolf Svensson 71.


The Open Nordic ARDF Championships 2017 is held in Orsa, Sweden. The event is organized by PA Nordwaeger and Lars Nordgren in association with SSA.

  • July 27: Sightseeing on own initiative
  • July 28: Sprint 3.5 MHz
  • July 29: Classic 3.5 MHz
  • July 30: Classic 144 MHz

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Departure from Västerås

Thursday morning, Hans is picked up at Rönnby by Rolf who has already picked-up Göran. The team is travelling one day in advance in order to do some sightseeing in the area, before the competitions

Jan and Peter are travelling later in the evening.

Västerås to Orsa by car

The distance to Orsa is 230 km.

After one stop for coffee in Kupolen, Borlänge they arrive at Orsa. The group has lunch at Frelins Café & Restaurang in Orsa.
The sightseeing tour north of Orsa.
Maps and brochures.

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The first stop is Storstupet, 20 km north of Orsa. The old railroad "Inlandsbanan passes on na 34 meter high stell bridge, constructed year 1902.

From the parking lot they walk only 1 km, but it is quite steep down to the river and up to the railway bridge.
Storstupet is located where a railway bridge crosses the river Emån.
They spot some persons walking on the bridge, even though it is forbidden area: "Livsfara, förbjudet att beträda spårområdet."

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Next stop is Helvetesfallet which i a canyon 5 km north of Storstupet. The river Ämån runs in the the canyon that has walls about 30 meters high.

From the parking lot they walk 700 m but here it is even steeper than at Stortsupet.
Göran and Rolf down as far as they can go on the prepared track.

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The cabin

Göran had booked the cabin Norra Stugvägen 66 will in advance. There are 2 sleeping rooms with bunk beds in the cabin and Hans gets the top bed above Rolf.

The cabin is very convenient situated close to both the trails, lake and the reception with shop and restaurant.
From the reception the group gets a map "hittaut" with orienteering post to visit. They find one (69) very close to the cabin.
Göran booked the cabin already in novermber 2016.

Evening bath in Östra Rädsjön

The group take a walk down to the bathing site, where Hans take a bath while the others investigates the surroundings.

Hans has the lake all for himself this clowdy evening.

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Visit to Orsa Rovdjurspark

Before going home, Rolf, Göran and Hans makes a visit to the Orsa Rovdjurspark The park is the home of predators lke bears, wolves, lynx and wolverine. The park also contains tigers, leopards and polar bears.

They walk 3,8 km during 1 hour and 45 minutes and spot bear, polarbear, wolf and siberian tiger.

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Photographer: Hans Sundgren, with assistants

Cameras: Canon Power Shot S100, GoPro Hero5 Session and Apple iPhone 6.