Colombia 1996

In September 1996, Hans Sundgren 39 years, travels to Bogota in Colombia for conducting a 2-weeks technical training course.

The flight from Sweden to Colombia.

Västerås to Bogota

Hans leaves Västerås Saturday September 7, at 15:00 with bus Västerås-Arlanda.

He first flies to Paris and from there directly to Bogota, after some delay due to problems with the aircraft.

He is back in Västerås Sunday September 22, at 11:00 by taxi from Arlanda.

The hotel bill.

Hotel Cosmos 100

Hans stays at Hotel Cosmos 100, Avenida Calle 100 No. 21A-41, from September 8 to 21.

Hans eats most of his dinners in the hotel restaurante Primavera.

Signed T-shirt.

Memory from the students

When the course is ended Hans receives a signed T-shirt "Colombia, Camino del Sol" from the students. Over the coming 25 years the T-shirt one of Hans' favourites and is used a lot.

In 2021 there are a lot of holes in the T-shirt and it is discarded.

After many washes during the years, the signatures are almost readable Julissa, xxxx and Xxcxx.
Expense bill, page 1.

Expense bill

Hans writes the expense bill from the trip.

Hans claims 2,5 USD equal to 17 SEK, for caryying aid at the Bogota airport. Hans needs help with his heavy luggage including overhead slides and students binders.

Expense bill, 2 pages

Lonely planet, travel survival guide.

Travel guide

Hans buys a travel guide before the journey.

Map of Bogota where Hans has circled the location of the hotel, in order to show the taxi driver from the airport to the hotel.
Part of the section about Bogota, for example nightlife.

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