Published work

Some publications Hans Sundgren has produced, as a writer or as an editor.


Technical communication conferences

Using Visuals as a Development Tool


FORUM 2003 International Technical Communicators Conference, Milan, 30 June–2 July 2003

Postharvest of the FORUM 2003 Conference Meeting the Cross-Cultural Challenge. Extract: The benefits of using visuals in technical communication are well established. Visuals help to describe a product and to guide the user in handling the product. What is less evident is that visuals can be effective in the development of the product itself. Using visuals – made by professional communicators – at an early stage in development, will improve internal communication within the project team, and result in faster development time. Technical communicators can help not only with the product documentation but also with the product development itself.

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Conference program

Now it is time for pictures, again


Technical Communication Congress COMTEC'97, Paris, October 10–11, 1997

Preceedings of the Technical Communication Congress COMTEC'97. Extract: Human beings are exposed to an increasing amount of instructions. In most cases the person has to read these instructions. Unfortunately, reading is both time consuming and intellectually consuming. We first have to read, then transform the instructions to the “graphical environment” – which is our world. A lot of instructions could benefit from replacing the words with pictures.

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Short stories

Kärlek i spårsnö

Västmanlands läns tidning, January 1992.

"Det ena paret rejäla herrskor, det andra ett par nätta damstövlar med liten klack..."

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Historical publications

VRK 50 år

Jubileumsskrift Västerås Radioklubb 50 år.

En 64-sidig A5-skrift med xxxxxx.

QRZ library

Radiopejlorientering i Västerås 1948-1990

Historisk sammanfattning.

En 12-sidig A5-skrift med xxxxxx.

Historisk skrift

Club magazines

QRZ – Västerås Radioklubb

Klubbtidning för Västerås Radioklubb.


QRZ library

År 2005 föreslår Hans att QRZ blir en webbtidning och gör en liten annons-animering i Flash. Den används dock aldrig.

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VFK Nytt

Klubbtidning för Västerås Flygklubb.

Hans är redaktör under 3 år.


Program for the World Championships in radio-orienteering (ARDF)

Program for the World Championships in radio-orienteering (ARDF) in Sweden.