Web site history

This personal web site is first published 2001 under another URI. As from 2008 the URI www.sundgren.se is used.

No major visible changes. Updating the CSS file to support filtering by summary/details function used on many pages.

Most of the Adobe Flash executables are converted to HTML or HTML films. This because many web browsers and operating systems removed the Flash Player software in the end of 2020 and Flash is no longer supported by the web browsers.

Added a "Time index" that references all events described.

New structure with only 4 main sections.

Minimalistic start page with search button moved to the page header.

No larger structure change. Adding language tag on pages and adding more information in old training diaries.

The site now uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

URI: https://www.sundgren.se

During year 2015 Hans continues to adjust some old pages to semantic markup.

In 2014 the folder structure is reorganised.

In July 2014 Hans starts to transform some web-pages to a more XML-compliant markup in order to use XSL to filter out information. The W3C organisation has in June 2014 released a draft of Pologlot markup that results in:

In december 2012 the web site starts to use HTML5 with responsive web design using a fluid design pattern, together with a semantic markup. By this change the information is displayed user-friendly on different devices like iPhone, tablets, small and large computer screens. And at the same time the semantic markup simplifies future changes and gives the search engines more information.


HTML4 with table layout HTML5 with semantic markup
GPS units GPS units
Photo album Photo album

Introducing the use of semantic tags.

New pages are designed according to HTML5 insted of XHTML 1.0 Transitional and HTML 4.01 markup language. Old pages are transformed when required.

Starting to use some HTML5 tags only visible in Chrome and Firefox for example for playhing sound and video.

Starting to use div-tags for formatting as a complement to tables. Films are published as swf-files (Adobe Flash).

Starting to use div-tags for formatting as a complement to tables.


Introducing new navigation principle with tabs. Changing access principle to restricted pages. Before javascript and hidden folders were used.

On the old URI a redirect file is created:

New URI: http://www.sundgren.se


The site is moved from host telia.com to one.com that Hans has used for the radio-orienteering site pejla.se. On the telia address a redirect file is created:

New URI: http://hans.pejla.se

New URI: http://web.telia.com/~u21120112/

2004-11-26 Email from Telia

In 2002-04-02 Hans registers a New URI: hans.sundgren.name.

The domain is used only for web forwarding during some years.

Hans gets a personal account on telia.com, through his dial-up modem connection. This includes space on a web server, so Hans moves the site from passagen.se to telia.com.

New URI: http://w1.211.telia.com/~u21120112/

The personal web site – being a part of the radio-orienteering site – is moved from ausys.se to the public hosting passagen.se. This hosting is a free-of charge hosting.

New URI: http://hem.passagen.se/rpo/

The first personal web site is published. A part of the radio-orientering site is complemented with personal information about Hans.

New URI: http://spitfire.ausys.se:8003/hsn/hans

Hans publishes a radio-orienteering site in December 1995. The first files have a creation date of 1995-10-19.

URI: http://spitfire.ausys.se:8003/hsn/rpo.htp

1995-12-04 Information note

1995-12-05 Press information in English

1995-12-13 Press information in Swedish