About the web site

The web site is designed using some general principles.

Design principles

The design principles has changed over the years.

Document type (DTD)

HTML, but has been XHTML during some years.

Visual design

A main color and complement colors are used. The colors are changed sometimes.

Information structure

Style sheets


The web site is based on fixed HTML, there is no database driven information, except for a small database for game results.

Web page titles

The web page titles usually show up in search results and are therefore important. The following principles are to be used:

CSS auto-generated contents

The web site uses some auto-generated contents based on CSS. This keeps the semantic markup clean and compact. For examle, a link to a pdf-file is preceeded by a symbol "PDF". A link to a restricted page is marked up by attribute class="restricted" and is then preceeded by a symbol showing "PDF-with-padlock".

The following auto-generated symbols are used:

Symbol Description Used for
PDF-file Links <a> to PDF-files
PDF-retricted Links <a> to PDF-files that have attribute class="restricted".
PDF-retricted Links <a> to PDF-files that have attribute class="restricted".
IMG-file Links to image files (gif, jpg, png when they are within certain context
Internal link <a> that have attribute class="int-link", independent of file type.
External links <a> that have attribute class="ext-link", independent of file type.
Film Links <a> that have attribute class="film", independent of file type.


The photo albums are made up of 300 pixel wide images with integrated text in a 800 pixel wide table.

The following photo album principles are used:

Photo type Original file Low resolution file High resolution file

24 x 36 mm positive slide


4000x 6000 pixels, original scanned at 4800 ppi


300 pixels wide

Unsharp mask:

  • 80%
  • 0.8 pixels
  • 6 levels

2000 pixels wide

Unsharp mask:

  • 80%
  • 2 pixels
  • 3 levels