Austria 1997

In January 1997, Hans Sundgren 39 years, travels to Austria for conducting a 5-day technical training course.

Part of the gasthof stationary.

Gasthof Schlossberg

The course is held in a nice Gasthof in Rechnitz about 140 km south of Wien.

Hans is picked-up at the Vienna airport 07:15 by company representatives and they travel by car for 2 hours to Rechnitz in the southern part of Austria.

In the kitchen: The Gasthof personnel providing excellent service!
Hans holding lecture.

Overhead film presentation

As usual Hans brings two binders with overhead films. The lectures are based on presentation on an overhead projector.

The training consists of:

  • 3.5 day System function and dimensioning
  • 1 day Configuration and operation software
  • 1 day Operation and maintenance

The normal 2 days of System Functioning theory took 3.5 days mainly because a translator (from English to German) was used (Wolfram H and Anton Z). Translation was essential.

Overview of the lecture room.
The students listening to Hans.

Lecture room

The class consists of 15 students from Post & Telekom Austria.

Course hours are 9:00–16:00 with 60 minutes lunch break.

Hans brought the system manual and overhead films are in German language. The local company representatives made copies of these during Monday morning.

There tables during the lunch break.
The students are programming the subscriber unit.

Practical exercises

The practical part of the course is run on a terminal server communicating over modem to a terminal server in the local exchange site. We have 3 subscriber units that the students practise to program.

Configuration of the system using a UNIX workstation.
Student operating the training system.
Hans in the lecture room during a break.


Hans departure from Vienna airport 19:00.

After the course Hans writes a report with a summary of the course.

Photo details


Hans Sundgren


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Hans Sundgren

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