MMC – Mighty Mouse Communications

Hans 33 years old, starts working as an employee of Mighty Mouse Communications (MMC) in Västerås on February 18, 1990.

He stays in the company for 5 years, up to 1995.


Employed without a CV

Hans is tired of working with A4-papers. His plan is to quit his employment at BBI and do something completely different, like working in the Västerås harbour with off-loading ships.

But... one evening the doorbell rings and one American, who Hans worked with at Aeroconsulter, and one Englishman wants to enter. They explain that they want to start a new advertising agency in Västerås and ask if Hans is interested to join.

Hans replies with a yes, because he realises that he does not need to work in the harbour.

The football team during a recreation exercise at Fröholmen in July 1990. Hans is to the far left.

Football game

A recreation exercise is arranged at Fröholmen in July 1990. This includes a football game with teams that are a mix of employees from Västerås, London and Munich.

Hans in front of his Mac SE30 at Kopparbergsvägen. The person in the background is the telecom installer, fixing the company telephone exchange that is located in Hans' room.

Office at Kopparbergsvägen

The first Swedish office is located at Kopparbergsvägen 45 in Västerås.

Hans gets an Apple Macintosh SE30 that will be his main working tool for the next years.

Picture from brochure for a client.

Posing in an advertisement

In the autumn of 1991 (?) Hans, to the right, is part of an advertising campaign for an industrial company.

Close-up of Hans from the photo.
Hans at his desk in the north part of the office.

Office at Björnövägen

Hans working as a technical communicator and project manager at Björnövägen.

Correspondence card used in the company. This was sent by Hans in October 1994, when sending magazine article (Målföret nr 3 1994) to his father.
The art studio, centrally located between the entrance and the office.

The art studio

The office is located in an old industrial building with large windows. The art studio is a light open space.

The reception area.
The T-shirt display in the art studio. A number of T-shirts with MMC theme are produced for different occasions.
Hans' workspace with computer and screen.

Typical desktop

The employees use Macintosh in different configurations. Hans, working as a technical writer and project manager, has an Macintosh SE30.

Badge from a company bowling competition.
Hans at his working desk. The monitor is located on top of the Macintosh LC computer.

Apple Macintosh LC

Hans' Macintosh SE30 has now been replaced by an Apple Macintosh LC. The studio personnel have more powerful computers. But Hans works mainly with text and can cope with a less powerful Macintosh.

When required, Hans goes into the studio and does photo editing on the Macintosh Quadra computers.

Hans old shoes nailed to a Euro-pallet.

Leaves MMC for Stockholm

Hans leaves the company in May 12, 1995. The reason is that he has a plan to move to Stockholm and has got a position as a technical communicator at AU-System. He starts the new position the next Monday.

Reluctant he says goodbye to his co-workers who give him a new pair of indoor shoes as a farewell present. The old shoes are nailed to a Euro-pallet that he brings home.

In the future, 26 years later, Hans leaves Alstom and his co-workers give him the same farewell gift: A pair of new indoor shoes.

Photo details


Hans Sundgren


Pentax Espio Mini


Negative 24×36 mm, Unknown type


Hans Sundgren

Film scanner

Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED