Radio-orienteering Nordic Championships, Norway 2019

In August 2019 a group of radio-orienteering runners from Västerås goes to Kongsberg in Norway to participate in the Nordic Championships in ARDF.

Hans Sundgren 62, travels and share a room for 3 nights with Bo Lenander 73, Rolf Svensson 73 and Göran Pettersson 65.


The Open Nordic ARDF Championships 2019 is held in Kongsberg in Norway. The competition center is the Kongsberg Vadrerhjem Bergmannen.

  • August 16: Sprint 3.5 MHz
  • August 17: Classic 144 MHz
  • August 18: Classic 3.5 MHz

The competitions are organized by Jon Sletvold, LA9NGA and the Norwegian Amateur Radio Relay League -NRRL together with local radio clubs.

2019-08-16: ARDF Bulletin 1

2019-08-16: ARDF Bulletin 2

2019-08-16: ARDF Bulletin 3

The competitions have runners from 8 countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden but also from Canada, Germany, Russia and United Kingdom.

Departure from Västerås

Thursday morning, Hans is picked up from Rönnby at 09:00 by Rolf and the rest of the team.

The GPS track of the travel from Västerås to Kongsberg.

GPX file | Garmin data

Entering Norway.
When passing Oslo there are a lot of toll stations. 4 months later the invoice arrives specifying fees for SEK 238. An image of the car is enclosed in the invoice.

Lunch in Årjäng

The team stops in Årjäng for lunch at restaurant Krogeriet.

Everyone eats delicious prime rib with potato wedges.
After lunch the car needs petrol. By coincidence they meet the other car from Västerås at the gas station, with Leif, Peter, Jan and Magnus.

The house

The team arrives to Kongsberg Vandrerhjem Bergmannen at 17:45.

Hans, Göran, Bo and Rolf share a room on the first floor.
The hostel is located on the west side of river Lågen. Hans gets the map from the hostel reception. It is very convenient to use for the next days.

Evening city tour

After check-in the team take a walk down to the city and are back 20:30.

Hans, Göran, Bo and Rolf share a room on the first floor.
At the railway station a train arrives. When Hans inspect the bogie designation, he recognise the part number "3EST..." That is a part number he is familiar with since 2008 when he started to work for Bombardier in Västerås.

Morning swim in swimming hall

Hans leaves his sleeping friends at 06:00 and takes a 1,3 km walk over the Numedalslången to the Kongsberg swimming hall. Friday morning there is a special low-cost "morning swim" at 06:30-07:45.

Hans also take a long afternoon swim in the swimming hall, Saturday afternoon after the 144 MHz competition.

Receipt 45 NOK from Konsbergs Idretts- og svømmehall.
Receipt 45 NOK from Konsbergs Idretts- og svømmehall.

Kongsberg silver mine


Hans reads about "Tour the silver mines" in a tourist brochure from the hostel reception.
Hans in the silver mine 2,3 km inside the mountain where the temperature is +6ºC.
Inside and outside of the wagons that take the visitors into the mine.
Ticket for Norsk Bergverksmuseum with rail transport into the silver mine with cart number 3.

Competition Sprint 3.5 MHz

The Sprint competition is held in the afternoon in the forest around Skrim Idrettspark. The photo is from the track where Hans is close to the spectator post. Photographer: Kimmo Lehtosaari.

Two transmitters fail during the competition and the results are calculated with 10 controls without transmitter Slow 5 and Fast 2. Hans visited Slow 5 as his first control.

The start area has a great view of the forest. Runners have to climb downhill to the start location after being called.
Hans prepares to punch at the finish line.
Map with posts. Hans takes F5, F1, F2, F4, F3, F6, 13, 14, and B.
Hans' track.

Competition 144 MHz


Map with posts.

Competition 3.5 MHz


The start area.
Hans studies the map that the competitors get beforehand.
Map with posts.
Hans' track.

Punching device

The competitions use the Emit system. Each runner gets a badge and 3 yellow backup-cards, one for each competition.

The ticket with intermediate times, from the Sprint competition, with incorrect date.
The backup card after the Sprint competition. Start number.

Money and telephone


The Saturday issue of the daily newspaper Verdens Gang costs 40 NOK.

Photo information


Hans Sundgren unless otherwise stated.

Camera 1

Apple iPhone 6

Camera 2

GoPro Hero 7 Black