XML Element centric review tool

This tool displays the content of all XML elements in alphabetical order, for an XML file. This is useful when doing an element centric review of XML data.

1. Paste the XML file to be reviewed into this area.

2. To display all elements with content, click:

XML Element Content
The elements with their content will be shown here, in alphabetical order.


The obvious review of a document or topic is to read it from first page to last page, either on paper or on-screen. This is a good approach and cannot be omitted. But with the introduction of semantic XML, an element centric review, in addition to the traditional review, might be useful to discover inconsistencies.

The scope of the element centric review is to ensure consistency throughout a single XML document.

About this tool

This tool is a single HTML page containing 30 lines of XSLT code and 50 lines of JavaScript code in addition to the HTML and CSS. Everything is executed locally in the web browser and there is no server involved.