Special characters

Special characters not accessible from keys on the keyboard, are available in most fonts using character codes.

How to enter the characters

Copy the character from the left column.

Another option is to enter the character by character code using the Alt key. This works from some Microsoft Windows applications.

List of characters

Character Example Code
  Non-breaking space For words that should appear on the same row, like “Hans A. Sundgren” or “20 mA” Alt+0160
Bullet • Date Alt+0149
Medium hyphen For ranges and text inserts, 0–20 mA Alt+0150
Long hyphen Normally not used Alt+0151
Minus sign −12 V, to indicate a negative number Alt+2212
Non-breaking hyphen For text strings that should appear on the same row, like “part number CX-234-9897-AB” 2011 Alt+x
­ Soft hyphen Indicates where hyphenation may be done, if required, for example “mid-summer” Alt+0173
Unregistered trademark ProductX™ Alt+0153
® Registered trademark Windows® Alt+0174
© Copyright © Company X Alt+0169
µ Micron 22 µm Alt+0181
º Degree 72º Alt+0186
Per mille 34‰, parts per thousand 2030 Alt+x
Right double quotation mark see also ”Hans och Greta”. 201D Alt+x
× Multiplication Dimensions: 23×45×56 mm Alt+0215
± Plus/minus ±2 mm Alt+0177
Less than or equal to ≤10 cm 2264 Alt+x
Greater than or equal to ≥10 cm 2265 Alt+x
Approximately ≈20 2248 Alt+x
Square root √2 Alt+251
² Square 22 m² Alt+0178
³ Cubic 3.5 m³ Alt+0179
½ One-half ½ liter Alt+0189
¼ One-fourth ¼ liter Alt+0188
¾ Three-fourth ¾ turn Alt+0190
Infinity to ∞ Alt+236
π Pi π × r² Alt+227
Ellipsis see you later … Alt+0133
~ Tilde www.x.se/~hans.htm Alt+0126
Carriage return sign Press ↵ 21B5 Alt+x
Ω Ohm 120 Ω Normally, use “ohm” instead of the sign (120 ohm) 03A9 Alt+x
Diameter ⌀23 mm tube 2300 Alt+x
Ballot box   2610 Alt+x
Ballot box with check mark   2611 Alt+x
Prime 3° 5′ 2032 Alt+x
Double prime and inch using a 2″ socket 2033 Alt+x
Triple prime   2034 Alt+x