Generating screen dumps



This prodedure describes how to generate viewer friendly screen dumps, showing both overview and detail. 

Setting number of colors in Windows

1. On the computer you want to take screen dumps from, set the number of colors to 256.

Generation of raw screen dump 

2. Generate the desired screen dump using Alt + Print Scrn or a screen dump program like FullShot.

If no further processing is required, you can paste the image into the document but usually the image can be improved.

Improvement of raw screen dump

First, set the border color in Photoshop.

3. Open Photoshop, click on foreground color.

4. Select for example: FF0033.

5. Copy the screen dump.

6. In Photoshop, select File > New.

7. Select Edit > Paste.

7. Using the rectangular marker, highlight the area of interest and select Edit > Copy.

8. Decrease the size of the total image by Select > All and Edit > Free transform and SHIFT-drag the image to approx 40% of its size or desired. Apply the transformation.

9. Paste the previous copied area of interest by selecting Edit > Paste.

10. Add a 2 pt red frame around the object by selecting Edit > Stroke.

11. Create a shadow with the following settings around the object by selecting Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow.

12. Create a 2 pt line with the line tool.

13. Finally, crop the image. Ready.