Television sets

The following Television sets have been owned and used by Hans Sundgren.

Sony KDL 19BX200, 19"
Sony KDL 19BX200

Image courtesy: Sony

Technical data
  • CCFL LCD 1366 x 768
  • Stereo, 2 x 3 W
  • HDMI, D-Sub, USB 2.0, RF, Composite, PCMCIA, SCART and 3,5 mm audio
  • IR remote control
  • 220–240 V AC, 27 W
  • 457x311x63 mm
  • 4.5 kg

pdf, restriced Operating instructions

May 2011

Hans will have a visitor staying over for some time, and the 7" TV is probably too small for 2 persons to watch simulataneously, therefore a larger screen is needed. After investigating all stores, the Sony is selected due to the image quality, brand and pleasant white color.

SEK Xxxx

  • High image quality.
  • Small enough to be stationed on the dining room table.
  • Small distortion in the image compared to a CRT type television.
  • ???
Rear connections

The back of the TV has all connections that are needed. Although Hans uses only the mains and RF.

Denver® DFT-709, 7"
Denver DFT-709

Image courtesy: Denver

Technical data
  • VHF/UHF, 255 preset channels
  • TFT-LCD 1440 x234, xxx' colors
  • Mono, 0.3 W
  • Telescopic antenna + external
  • Audio/video input
  • IR remote control
  • 12 V DC, 10 W
  • Adapter for 230 V AC
  • Car cable
  • Battery compartment 10xAA
  • 216x144x33 mm
  • 622 g

pdf Brochure

pdf, restriced Instruction manual

September 2005

Hans needs a new TV after the Philips stopped working. He don't need a large size screen, but likes wide-screen TV. This small one from Clas Ohlson was perfect.

SEK 1249

  • The small size
  • Environmental friendly, only 10 W power consumption
  • Not so good image and sound quality
  • No SCART connector

2006-03-31: Watching film on Tessingatan

Viewing TV

It is 21:07 and Hans has just started to watch Die Hard 2 on TV3. The signal was sent out on the appartment cable TV network. The signal passed two boxes before arriving at the composite antenna input on the TV set. First the composite signal from the cable outlet goes into the TV2-network box. The output from the box is then fed via SCART to a separate converter with composite output for the TV set.

Philips Xxxx, 17"

Image courtesy: Philips

Technical data
  • Xxxx

pdf, restriced None

Xxxx 19xx



  • Good remote control
  • Good image quality
  • Plastic appearance
  • Small controls on the TV itself


Mark DC-4588, 4.5"

Technical data

  • Black and white
  • Integrated AM/FM radio
  • AM: 530–1600 kHz
  • FM: 88–108 MHz
  • UHF: 21–69
  • VHF: 2–12
  • Power supply: 12 V DC, 9 W
  • Battery power: 10 batteries size C
  • Dimensions: 18×12×10 cm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg


  • None


Hans moves to a small appartment and needs a small TV. This one is perfect.



  • Small size, easy to place.
  • Can run on internal batteries.


  • Difficult to get a good reception using the rod antenna.
  • Tricky to change channel using the analog dial.

End of life January 2023

The TV has been useless after that the analog broadcast was closed down in year 2007. Left for recycling 2023-01-02.