Radio receivers

The following receivers have been owned and used by Hans Sundgren.

Uniden EZI33XLT airband scanner
Uniden EZI33XLT

Image courtesy: Uniden

Technical data

  • Frequency range: 78–87.3 MHz NFM | 87.3–108 MHz WFM | 108–137 MHz AM | 137–174 MHz NFM | 406–512 MHz NFM
  • Channels: 180 in 9 banks
  • Scan speed: 30 steps/s
  • Sensitivity, 12 dB SINAD: 0.3/0.4/0.9 µV
  • Audio out: 3,5 mm earphone
  • Antenna: 50 ohm, BNC female
  • Power supply: 4.5 V, 3 × AA batteries
  • Dimensions: 104×53×28 mm
  • Weight: 100 g


2018 August

Hans flew to Finland in the beginning of August and brought his old pen-size airband receiver. It did not work at all. So before his next flight he decides to get a new airband radio, preferable a scanner.

Instead of going for an all band receiver like Icom R6 he decides to buy a dedicated air band scanner. The EZI33XLT is bought 2018-08-21 from Limmared Radio for 795 SEK.

Serial No: 78000093


  • Small.
  • Few buttons but easy to use.


  • Perhaps not the fastest scanner.
  • No dial for frequency enter, only up/down-buttons.

Diamond RH795 antenna, August 2018

Diamond RH795

The included rubber duck antenna is good for operation on the go. But for better reception this extendable 1/4 wave, telescopic whip antenna is superior. The antenna is bought 2018-08-21 from Limmared Radio for 295 SEK.

  • Range: 70–1000 MHz
  • Gain: 2,15 dBi
  • Length: 19,5–113 cm, 10 stages
  • Weight: 65 g

Image courtesy: Limmared radio

The instruction specifies an antenna length of 56 cm for 120 MHz. This is equal to 3 sections and an additional 3 cm.

SuperTech Multi Band Portable Radio Receiver MBR-085

Technical data

  • Frequency range: 58-176 MHz divided in 3 bands: CB, TV1+FM and AIR+WB+PB
  • Sensitivity, 12 dB SINAD: Missing
  • Audio out: 3,5 mm earphone
  • Antenna: Telescopic 16-50 cm
  • Power supply: 6 V, 4×AA batteries or external 6 V
  • Dimensions: 200×90×50 mm
  • Weight without batteries: 375 g


  • Missing


Hans' small air band receiver is not working. He buys a cheap multi-band receiver instead.


  • Cheap.
  • Can be powered by batteries or AC adapter.


  • Quite large.
  • Low selectivity.

2020-01-02 End of life

The receiver has been unused for many years. When Hans inserts batteries and switch it on, he realizes that it is of no use. The volume and squelch potentiometers are faulty and there seem to be no selectivity. Many channels are heard simultaneously.

Hans leave the receiver for recycling.

Saxton Electronic A-982 airband receiver
Saxton A-982

Technical data

  • Frequency range: 110–140 MHz
  • Audio out: 2,5 mm earphone
  • Antenna: 10 cm pin attached
  • Power supply: 3 V, 2×386 batteries (⌀11.6×4.2 mm)
  • Dimensions: ⌀15×120 mm
  • Weight: 33 g


Hans starts travelling by airplane quite frequently and wants an air band receiver. World Import in Stockholm has exactly what he wants; a small receiver that can be kept in the shirt pocket.

The receiver has no loudspeaker and no volume control.


  • Small.
  • Easy to use.


  • Small frequency dial.
  • No volume control.

The catalog is from 1976.

End of life August 2018

After trying to use the receiver on a flight in August, Hans discover that no signals can be received. It is left for recycling