Postage stamps on envelopes

During the years Hans has received envelopes and packages by mail. Some of them have been fitted with beautiful sets of stamps.

Postage stamps 68 years old

The envelope is fitted with 14 stamps ranging from 5 öre to 4 crowns.

Even though this envelope is stamped year 2020 it includes many old stamps, for example "Gustav VI 70 år" from 1952-11-11. The reason for that is that old stamps do not have a high value. Instead the nominal value can be used when sending letter by mail.

Stockholm 700 år, 25 öre.

In space

The envelope is fitted with 23 stamps ranging from 5 öre to 4 crowns.

The CEPT Europa space stamps "Europa 91 - Rymden" are from 1991.

Postryttare 5 öre. This was one of the booklets in Hans' stamp collection.

Stamps in small denominations

The envelope is fitted with 36 stamps ranging from 30 öre to 90 öre.

The oldest stamp is from 1961; King Gustaf VI Adolf, 30 öre.

Nobel Prize Winners 1904: Literature: José Echegaray and Frédéric Mistral, Physics: Lord Rayleigh (John William Strutt).

Maritime theme

The envelope is fitted with 26 stamps ranging from 75 öre to 85 öre.

Most of the stamps has a maritime theme.

Sillgrissla och tordmule/ Uria aalge & Alca torda.

Kamratposten och högertrafik

The envelope is fitted with 9 stamps ranging from 35 öre to 3.50 crowns.

A pair of stamps from 1992 celebrates "Kamratposten 100 år". The magazine Kamratposten is a popular magazine for young people when Hans is young.

A major event in Sweden during 1967 is the switch to right-hand-side driving. This stamps is a reminder of the event and is released 1967-09-02, one day before the switch.

Joint issue Sweden China

The envelope is fitted with 12 stamps ranging from 10 öre to 4 crowns.

One pair of stamps is the beautiful birds; Kinesisk diamantfasan / Chrysolophus amherstiae. These stamps are a joint issue between Sweden and China, from year 1997.

A stamp from 1984 depicting the Electrolux vacuum cleaner Z30, with the nick-name ”limpan”, created 1938. When Hans was born 1957, a newer version of this was used, mainly by his mother.

Birds and boats

The envelope is fitted with 33 stamps ranging from 55 öre to 2.10 crowns.

A set of stamps from a booklet 1969 depicting the warship Wasa(Regalskeppet Wasa). Hans collected stamps as a youngster and this set was part of his stamp collection.