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Some Flash designs released by Hans Sundgren.

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Run Rasor-X

Game: Rasor-X, v1.1

Description: A radio-orienteering game. There are 18 hidden posts in 6 levels and your score can be published on the high score list.

Design challenges: Action script multi-level game, 3D rendering of antenna, php and MySQL for score.

Released: 2006-04-10

Size: 600 x 400 pixels, 305 kB, swf file


Run Rasor-144

Game: Rasor-144

Description: A simple radio-orienteering game to be embedded in an HTML page.

Design challenges: Small file size, easy to run, limited number of controls, 3D rendering of antenna.

Released: 2006-04-03

Size: 400 x 225 pixels, 108 kB, swf file

Run RasorLite

Simulator: RasorLite, v1.75

Description: RasorLite is a simulator of radio orienteering on the 144 MHz frequency band. Rasor Lite is multi-lingual with 6 different languages and can run on small screen devices like a Pocket PC PDA. The simulator can run in 2 modes: Training and Competition. In Competition mode there is a high score list.

Design challenges: Small physical size for small screens, multi-language support, php and MySQL for score, language text set by external XML file.

Released: 2005-06-25

Size: 240 x 320 pixels, 108 kB, swf file


Run Rasor-Posts

Simulator: Rasor-Posts

Description: A demonstration of how the different posts in radio-orientering sound. The demo has one demo mode and one quiz mode where you can test yourself.

Design challenges: Small file size, easy to understand, requiring no instructions.

Released: 2007-04-15

Size: 400 x 225 pixels, 104 kB, swf file

Christmas cards

Christmas Card 2008

2008 New Years Card



Work in progress

Not ready yet

Simulator: DCF 77 Time signal (in progress)

Description: A simulator of the coding of the DCF long wave transmitter for radio controlled clocks.

Design challenges: Coding and generating square wave.

Released: Not released yet

Size:650 x 450 pixels, 50 kB, swf file (prel.)

Run DCF 77 Simulator

Rasor2 (ini progress)

Game: Rasor2 (in progress)

Description: A full screen simulator of radio orienteering on the 144 MHz frequency band. Not fully developed yet.

Design challenges: The flow of activites should correspond to the reality, getting the map, moving to the start position, finding posts and running to the finish, where the time is registered.

Released: Not released yet

Size: 800 x 550 pixels, 165 kB, swf file


Impressive Flash:

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