Musical compositions

Here are some piano pieces composed and performed by Hans Sundgren.

Birgit är lös | Birigt is loose [piano]

CD-cover, Birgit är lösA piano piece composed to sister Birgit Persson's 50-year birthday.

When Birgit was a year old only, she sometimes was strapped to a lead controlled by her parents Agda and Sture.

1:34, recorded . MP3 Download

Lena traskar | Lena trots along [piano]

CD-cover, Lena traskarA Christmas gift 2002 to Lena Jonsson.

The piano piece is inspired by Lena who likes to walk, wherever she is.

2:20, recorded . MP3 file (820 kB) [only on request ]

Styr styrbord Sture | Turn starboard Sture [piano]

CD-cover, Styr styrbord StureA Christmas gift 2004 to father Sture Sundgren.

The piano piece reflects that Sture is very familiar with boats, especially rowing boats. He was born in the archipelago of Österötland and he and his family has spent a lot of time in the summer house in Södra Finnö.

2:20, recorded . MP3 Download

Agda från berg till slätt | Agda from the hills to the plain [piano]

CD-cover, Agda från berg till slättA birthday gift 2005 to mother Agda Sundgren.

The piano piece is inspired of the journey Agda made; from her birth place in the highlands in the north of Sweden, to the plain in the south of Sweden in Östergötland. Between the two places, Agda spent some years in the hectic Stockholm around 1950.

3:03, recorded . MP3 Download