Radio amateur, SM5SVM

Hans is a licensed radio amateur.



Hans is a radio amateur licensed as SM5SVM in May 1989. He has a CEPT-1 license but didn't make any QSO until 2002.


He uses a transceiver Yeasu FT-817 from 2001. This transceiver is normally connected to a 9 meter fishing pole antenna on his balcony via a home built miniature Z-match antenna tuner. Otherwise it is packed in a small case together with an MP-1 antenna and other accessories, ready to go.

Radio associations

Hans is a member or has been a member of some radio societies and clubs:

QSL card

SM5SVM Hans Sundgren, QSL card, front SM5SVM Hans Sundgren, QSL card, back

Log book

Log book SM5SVM
2003-12-23 19.05 UTC
28350 MHz, usb, SM5FUG

2003-07-23 07.00 UTC
3.712 MHz SSB SM5EZM

2003-06-12 07.10 UTC
3.712 MHz SSB SM5CWV

2003-06-12 07.00 UTC
3.712 MHz SSB SM5BTX

2002-03-08 22.15-30 UTC
28.500 MHz SSB SM5ENX