India 2018

In March 2018, Hans Sundgren travels together with Maria Sundberg Evald to Hyderabad in India for work.

Departure from Västerås bus station

The trip starts at the Västerås bus station where Hans and Maria embarks the bus to the airport.

The bus company Nettbuss is supposed to take Hans and Maria from Västerås to Arlanda airport but between Bålsta and Sigtuna it stops due to engine failure. Luckily, the Swedbus Arlanda bus passes and stops to pickup the Nettbuss passengers.

The total trip: Västerås bus station – Arlanda airport – Dubai airport – Hyderabad airport – Hotel Hyatt.

2018-03-10 Västerås to Hyderabad: GPX file | Garmin data

Flight from Arlanda [ARL]

After checking in the luggage and passing several security checks, Hans and Maria embarks the aircraft.

The aircraft is a Boeing 777-300ER operated by Emirates.
Due to the temperature and dew point, the aircraft requires de-icing before departure.
Hans has a window seat in order to track the flight with his GPS watch.

Stop in Dubai [DXB] for 4 hours

Hans and Maria have to wait 4 hours in the Dubai terminal before embarking the aircraft taking them to India.

The aircraft Boeing 777-300ER landing in Dubai.
The shopping center never closes in Dubai airport.

Arrival in Hyderabad [HYD]

Hans and Maria arrive to the Hyderabad airport Sunday morning 09:00.

When leaving Västerås bus station the temperature is -3ºC and after 20 hours of travel the arrive to the hotel in a temperature of +30ºC.

A driver waits for Hans and Maria and drives them directly to the Hyatt hotel in Gachibowli.

Hotel Hyatt Hyderabad Gachibowli

The Hyatt hotel is located on a hill with high security. All cars are inspected before entering the hotel are and before entering the hotel, all luggage is inspected in a scanner.

Hotel details.
Hans and Maria spend 6 hours at Cyient and use 2 hours at the hotel handling emails. The Wi-Fi connection is quite fast and supports 3 devices per room.
Walk around the hotel buildings.

2018-03-16 Hotel area walk: GPX file | Garmin data

Friday evening Hans orders breakfast to the room.
Check-out invoice 2018-03-17.


During the week Indian rupee (INR) is used as currency. 1 euro (EUR) is equal to 80 rupees (INR).

The 100 Indian rupees banknote has Mahatma Gandhi on the front and Himalaya Mountains on the back. 100 Indian rupees is equal to 12 SEK at this time.

Work at Cyient

Hans and Maria are picked up from the hotel every morning by Murali Kalijavedu. He drives them to the Cyient office which is very close.

After lunch Hans and Maria take a walk around the campus.

The technical publication team at Cyient.


The hotel has a 25-meter swimming pool, at least that is what the personnel states and it is also confirmed by Hans estimate. Hans and Maria use the pool directly after work and swim 1000 meters or more.

View of the pool from Hans' room.
No lifeguards are on duty. That is OK since the pool is only 6.5 feet deep.

Hyderabad sightseeing with Harish

Wednesday is a non-working day for Hans. Harish Chand Bitra takes Hans and Maria for a full day sightseeing in Hyderabad.

They leave the hotel by car at 10:00 and return to the hotel at 20:00 after the following events:

  • Walking around the Chowmahalla Palace.
  • Walking the Laad Bazar Road near Charminar.
  • Climbing the Charminar monument.
  • Having lunch at Subway in the Imax center Khairatabad.
  • Travelling 5 stations on the new Metro line.
  • Trying to get in to the Metro maintenance depot Miy Apur.
  • Walking around the Shilparamam Handicrafts Museum.
Harish investigating the best directions to the next event.

2018-03-14 Hyderabad day tour: GPX file | Garmin data

Chowmahalla Palace

The first stop is the Chowmahalla Palace where the driver parks his car just outside the gate.

The palace consists of palace buildings, two courtyards, fountains and gardens.
Khilwat Mubarak is the main building including the Durbar Hall with Belgian crystal chandeliers.
Photo fee is 50 rupees and video fee is 100 rupees. A special note stipulates that fire arms and knifes are not allowed inside the palace.

Laad Bazar Road

After leaving the Chowmahalla Palace the car makes a short trip and drops off Hans, Maria and Harish at the beginning of the Laad Bazar Road.

They walk a couple of hundred meters to the Charminar monument.

Charminar monument

Harish guides Hans and Maria up the stairs of the Charminar monument.

Views from the top of the monument.
VIDEO: Visiting the Charminar Monument, 1 minute | Large video 1280×720.
Harish shows the direction to the Cyient office. After visiting the top platform, they take the stairs in the exit tower.

Hyderabad Metro

Hans get knowledge of that the new Metro opened for service some months ago November 29th 2017. He really wants to try it and Harish arranges this.

The driver leaves Hans, Maria and Harish at the Paradise station and picks them up later at Ameerpet station.

The 5-station route travelled on the blue line: 10 Paradise > 11 Rasoolpura > 12 Prakash Nagar > 13 Begumpet > 14 Ameerpet.

2018-03-14 Metro journey: GPX file | Garmin data

The journey starts at the Paradise station.
VIDEO: Metro position track, 26 seconds | Large video 1097×594.
VIDEO: Metro trip, 2 minutes | Large video 1280×720.
The journey ends at the Ameerpet station.

Metro maintenance depot Miy Apur

The group travels to the large, modern Hyderabad Metro Rail maintenance depot Miy Apur, to investigate if they can make a visit

Harish makes a large effort to convince the gate security to let the group in, but of course it is impossible, without previous arrangement.

The maintenance depot from a distance.
The end station at the Miy Apur maintenance depot.

Handicrafts Museum Shilparamam

The sightseeing tour is finished at the handicraft museum park Shilparamam. Hans and Maria bought some handicraft and then they went for a walk in the museum park.

The walk around the park.
Hans is buying a blue pashmina scarf from Malik Crafts. Maria admires the tourist cows.
Harish, Hans and Maria wait in the park for the driver to take them home.

Mosquito alert

A warning is received a day after Hans has been exposed to mosquitos during his sightseeing tour: "An increase in mosquito-borne illnesses has been reported in Hyderabad possibly due to changes in weather conditions. These mainly comprise of dengue and malaria."

Now it is too late to follow the advice, including wearing clothing that covers most of the body.

Some of the bites on Hans' foot.

Tuk-tuk ride from hotel

Friday evening, after swimming 1500 meters, Hans remember one thing that is missing. He has not travelled with a Tuk-tuk. He exits the hotel area and grab one on the street, explaining in visual language that he only wants to go a round trip.

Going downtown.
SOUND-CLIP: “Idag är det fredagen den 16 mars och jag sitter i en Tuk-tuk i Hyderabad där vi tagit en liten rundtur ner mot centrum. Och klockan är väl runt sex och solen går ner.”

2018-03-16 Tuk-tuk round trip: GPX file | Garmin data

Dinner at hotel

Every evening Hans and Maria have dinner at the hotel.

The dinner starts with Hans waiting in the reception area for Maria to arrive.

Flight from Hyderabad [HYD] to Stockholm [ARL]

At 06:30 a taxi picks up Hans and Maria for a 45-minute drive to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

The aircraft is a Boeing 777-300ER operated by Emirates.
Embarking in Hyderabad and waiting at the gate in Dubai.
SOUND-CLIP: “Cabin crew, prepare for take-off.”
Flight data on the personal video screen.
SOUND-CLIP: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Stockholm Arlanda airport where the local time is 10 minutes to 7 in the evening and the temperature is minus 3 degrees Celsius, 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Please keep your seat belt fastened until the sign has been switched off. Thank you for flying Emirates in partnership with Quantas. We hope you enjoyed your flight and we look forward to see you again soon. | Mina damer och herrar, välkomna till Stockholm Arlanda Flygplats där den lokala tiden börjar närma sig 7 på kvällen och temperaturen är minus 3 grader Celsius. Vänligen sitt kvar med säkerhetsbältet fastspänt tills flygplanet stannat helt och säkerhetsbältslampan har släckts. Den som önskar använda sin telefon kan göra det nu. Vi vill tacka dig för att du har valt att flyga med Emirates. Jag hoppas att du haft en angenäm flygresa och vi ser fram emot att träffa dig i framtiden. Godkväll.”

2018-03-17 Hyderabad to Västerås: GPX file | Garmin data

Bus from Arlanda to Västerås

While waiting in Dubai for the flight to Stockholm, Hans order the bus travel from Arlanda to Västerås, using his iPhone6.

The ticket is a youth ticket according to the company discount.

Ticket confirmation.

Cameras and photographer

Cameras: Nikon Coolpix S9900, Apple iPhone 6 and GoPro Hero5 Session.

Photographers: Hans Sundgren, Harish Chand Bitra and Maria Sundberg Evald.

Nikon Coolpix S9900
Apple iPhone 6
GoPro Hero5 Session