Lebanon 1997

In August 1997 Hans Sundgren goes to Lebanon as a technical teacher to conduct technical training in Beirut/Jouaya.

4 days in Lebanon

Monday: Departure Stockholm 12:00, arrival London 16:00, departure Beirut 24:00.

Tuesday: Arrival Beirut 03:30. Sleep 2 hours in hotel 04:40–06:30. Course start 08:00. Sleep 21:00.

Wednesday: Transport to Jouaya in southern Lebanaon 06:30. Course the whole day. Overnight stay in Tyre.

Thursday: Course the whole day. Car transport back to Beirut 20:00. Sleep 3 hours between 22:30–01:30.

Friday: Departure Beirut 04:00 via London. Arrival Stockholm 11:00. Back in the office in the afternoon.

Image courtesy: Magellan

Training class

: Class photo taken during lunch break at the top of the AXE exchange building.

The training covers the installation of a radio-based DECT telephone system, enabling "fixed" telephone without cabling.

Jouaya village

: The teacher with the village Jouaya in the background

: Going by car from Beirut to Jouaya.

: The exchange building.

Students working

The radio antennas have been installed on the roof top.

: A student presents the result of the theoretical site planning exercise.

: The students are programming the wireless subscriber units.

: Mr. El Murr Jihad prepares the wall for the subscriber unit installation.

Another road back to Beirut

: Going back to Beirut following the coast.

Street wiring in Beirut

: Example of non-radio communication wiring in Beirut.


For all pictures the following applies:
Photographer: Hans Sundgren | Camera: Pentax Espio Mini | Film: Negative 24 x36 mm | Digitalization: Hans Sundgren, 2008 using Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED.