Hans at AU-System, Stockholm

This is a photo album from the the time when Hans worked as a consultant in the IT-company AU-System in Stockholm. The employment started May 1995 and ended February 2002.

First day at Liljeholmsstranden

: Hans signs for the key to the office.

Hans needs a place to stay an puts an ad in Dagens Nyheter. He claims that he is a computer consultant, but he only works in a computer company.

Hans gets several replies on the ad and receives the keys to Bäckvägen within a few days.

Subway ticket

: Hans needs to go by subway and gets an "SL-kort".

Hans' office room

: The office in January 1998 with a view towards the Liljeholmsviken and Hornstull.

The location

: Map of Liljeholmen year 2000. AU-System has the office address Liljeholmsstranden 5. (?)


For most of the photos the following applies:
Photographer: Hans Sundgren | Camera: Pentax Espio Mini | Film: Negative 24×36 mm | Digitalization: Hans Sundgren, 2008.