MMC – Mighty Mouse Communications

Hans worked for Mighty Mouse Communications (MMC) in Västerås from to .

Hans was 33–38 years old during this period.

HMS Spica

Football game

: A football recreation exercise at Fröholmen in July 1990. The teams are a mix of employees from Västerås, London and Munich.

Photographer: Unknown with Hans' camera.

Office at Kopparbergsvägen

: The first Swedish office is located at Kopparbergsvägen 45. Hans gets an Apple Macintosh SE30 that will be his main working tool for the next years.

Photographer: Unknown with Hans' camera.

Office at Björnövägen

: Hans working as a technical communicator and project manager at Björnövägen.

Photographer: Unknown with Hans' camera.

The art studio

: The office is located in an old industrial building with large windows. The art studio is a light open space.

Photographer: Hans Sundgren.

Typical desktop

: The employees used Macintosh in different configurations. Hans, working as a technical writer and project manager, had an SE30.

Photographer: Hans Sundgren.

Apple Macintosh LC

: Hans' SE30 has now been replaced by an Apple Macintosh LC. The studio personnel used more powerful computers. But Hans worked maily with text and could cope with a less powerful Macintosh. When required, Hans went into the studio and made photo editing on the Quadra computers.

Photographer: Unknown with Hans' camera.


For most of the photos the following applies:
Photographer: Hans Sundgren | Camera: Pentax Espio Mini | Film: Negative 24×36 mm | Digitalization: Hans Sundgren, 2008.