Radio-orienteering WC, Kazakhstan 2014

In September 2014 a team of 10 Swedish radio-orienteers went to Kazakhstan, to participate in the 17th World Championships in ARDF. Hans spent one week on his own in the country before the competitions started.

ARDF Finland NC logothype

The official program

The 17th World ARDF Championships which is held in Burabay, Kazakhstan in September 2014.

  • September 6: Arrival for classics (as well as for all events)
  • September 7: Training on 80m and 2m bands, official opening
  • September 8: First classic competition, awarding
  • September 9: Cultural event
  • September 10: Second classic competition, awarding, arrival for Sprint and Foxoring
  • September 11: Training for Sprint and Foxoring competitions, in the afternoon Sprint competition*, awarding
  • September 12: Foxoring competition, awarding, Closing ceremony and banquet
  • September 13: Departure

ARDF Bulletin 1 – 2014-03-13

ARDF Bulletin 2 – 2014-05-26

ARDF Bulletin 3 – 2014-08-09

The Swedish Team

The Swedish team consists of 10 runners from Stockholm and Västerås. In addition the chairman of the jury is Swedish and Sweden has one international referee.

Category                Call sign
W21  Jitka Zakova       -        Stockholm
M40  Henrik Lindell     -        Stockholm
M50  Ingvar Ehrsson     SA0AMM   Stockholm
M50  Jan Palmquist      SM5FUG   Västerås
M50  Hans Sundgren      SM5SVM   Västerås
M60  Gunnar Svensson    SM0-668  Stockholm
M60  Rolf Svensson      SM5DIY   Västerås
M70  Olle Nilsson       SM0KON   Stockholm
M70  Andras Paal        HG0HK    Stockholm
M70  Gunnar Fagerberg   -        Stockholm
Chariman of the jury: 
    PA Nordwaeger      SM0BGU
International referee: 
    Lars Nordgren      SM0OY

The M70 team got one gold and one bronze medal and Ingvar Ehrsson M50 got a bronze medal in Sprint.


Name tag

All competitors get a name tag to be worn around the neck.

Backside of name tag.

The competition arena

All 4 competitions were held around the lake Schuchye in Burabay.

Map: Rolf Svensson

Radio station UP17ARDF

Hans and Jan visits the special radio station UP17ARDF. Hans gets an eye-ball QSO with Ivan UN9LU.

QSL card UP17ARDF, back side.
Ivan also gives Hans his personal QSL card for amateur radio station UN9LU.