Radio-orienteering WC, Korea 2008

In September 2008 Hans (age 51), as a member of a the Swedish radio-orienteering team, goes to Korea to participate in the 14th World Championships in Hwaseong, south of Seoul.

ARDF WC 2008 logotype

The official program

The Swedish team consists of 7 members who attended the following program.

Arrivals and registrations
Training on both bands, opening ceremony
144 MHz Competitions and awarding ceremony
Free day, excursion
3.5 MHz Competitions and awarding ceremony, farewell party
Departure of participants

To enable time for time adjustments (–7 hours) the team arrive one day earlier. They also spend one extra day in Hwaseoung after the competitions.

ARDF Program, 12 pages (9 MB)

Presentation of Samsung Semiconductors in the head office

Samsung factory visit

One day we got the opportunity to visit the Samsung Semiconductor factory in Xxxxx

Silicon wafer with RAM memory Silicon wafer with RAM memory

Photo: Hans Sundgren

Hans practising Korean eating equipment

Eating in Korea

Eating in Korea means you have to use steel pins instead of a fork and knife.

Bo, Hans and Rolf having an evening meal the day before departure.

Dinner ticket

In the competition center, the dinner was served in the hotel restaurant after handing over the dinner ticket.

Photo: Hans Sundgren

Presentation of Samsung Semiconductors in the head office



During the championships the special call sign HL14ARDF was active from one room in the hotel.

Information to add

The Swedish runners saw one snake and some spiders, but no dangerous animals.

The hotel room had cupboards, a TV and a telephone, but no furniture... After some time we got simple beds and after some days we got two chairs and a small table. Anyway, we slept very well in the beds and were quite happy with the arrangement.