Radio-orienteering Nordic Championships, Denmark 2004

In July 2004 Hans Sundgren 47 and Jan Palmquist 48, from Västerås goes to Denmark to participate in the Nordic Championships in ARDF.

The competition logotype.


The Nordic ARDF Championships 2004 is held in Hillerød in Denmark. The competition center is Nordisk Lejrskole & Kursuscenter, 30 km north of Kopenhagen.

  • July 31: Classic 3.5 MHz
  • August 1: Classic 144 MHz

The competitions are organized by Arne H. Jensen, OZ9VA and the Eksperimenterende Danske Radioamatører (EDR).


Ferry ticket from Helsingborg to Helsingör, Saturday morning 09:50.

Västerås > Helsingborg > Helsingör

Saturday morning, Hans and Jan starts early in the morning in order to get to the ferry in time.

Ferry tickets Helsingborg–Helsingör for both trips.
Part of the team from Sweden; Monika Nilsson, Olle Nilsson, Hans Sundgren and Sven-Ove Nilsson.

Outside the competition center

The competition center is Nordisk Lejrskole & Kursuscenter in Hillerød.

Awarding ceremony for 3,5 MHz, category Oldtimer.

Awarding ceremony

Hans gets a bronze medal for his position in catetgory Oldtimer, 3,5 MHz.

3: Hans Sundgren, Sweden; 2: Knut Heimdal, Norway; 1: Jiri Marecek, and Arne Jensen.
Hans' certificate for 3,5 MHz.

Certificate of participation

The runners receive their certificates after the competitions during the awarding ceremony.

Hans' certificate for 144 MHz.

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Unknown with Nikon camera and Hans Sundgren.


Minolta Dimage X20


Nikon E3200